Propaganda posters of the People's Republic of China 1949-1954*

1950 The central people's government constitutes the only legitimate government of all the people of the People's Republic of China

The central people's government council of the People's Republic of China

1952 Forge Ahead under the Victorious Flag of Mao Zedong

Political leaders

Political leaders PRC and North Korea and CPV soldiers

Mao Zedong Liu Shaoqi Zhou Enlai Zhu De

Mao Zedong Liu Shaoqi Zhu De and other political leaders

1949 Zhou Enlai

1949 Liu Shaoqi

1949 Zhu De

1950 Zhu De

1949 Zhu De

1950 Celebrating the People's Republic of China's National Day

1949 Grand parade for celebrating the victory

1950 Army parade for founding ceremony of People's Republic of China

1950 Grand celebration for founding ceremony of People's Republic of China

1949 Long live the great unity of the Chinese people

1950 People rejoicing at the People's Republic National Day celebrations

1950 Shanghai parade for founding ceremony of People's Republic of China

1954 The fifth anniversary of the People's Republic of China

1954 Ode to the Motherland

1954 A joyful festival Celebration of the 5th anniversary of the PRC

1949 Celebrate the establishment of the CPG

1950 Celebrating National Day on the Water

1949 Founding celebration!

1949 A victorious meeting of the People's Liberation Army with guerrillas

1949 A million lions cross the Yangtze River

1949 Getting across the Yangtze River victoriously

1949 Support the battle front

1949 Glorious family members of army soldiers.

1950 People's Liberation Army, liberation of Zhoushan

1950 People's Liberation Army, Liberation of Hainan Island

1949 Step up military training, increase battle alertness to liberate Taiwan and exterminate the remnants of the enemy forces

1950 We must liberate Taiwan

1951 Sending off the People's Liberation Army to overthrow Taiwan!

1954 Liberate Taiwan, crush the American-Chiang kai shek alliance!

1954 United States Taiwan agreement

1954 We Must Liberate Taiwan!

1954 Be sure to insert the five-star red flag all over Taiwan

1954 Save our Taiwanese compatriots!

1950 Liberate Taiwan and complete unification

1954 Liberate Taiwan, and wipe out the remnants of the bandit Chiang

1954 The people of the whole country fully support the struggle to liberate Taiwan

1954 Taiwan must be liberated.

Lower left is a table of Taiwan resource legends. Taiwan ’s resource products including sugar, tea, pineapples, oil fields, and gold mines are all described in detail. As for the lower right, you can see that the total population of Taiwan in 1954 was 7 million

1950 Storming the heavily fortified positions at Siping

1950 Enemy aircraft shot down in the sky over Shanghai

1949 Drive US imperialism invading force out of China

1950 That's not a target, it's the enemy American imperialism

1951 Look down upon the US because it is a paper tiger which can be defeated

1952 Strive in production, positively support the most beloved people, strike American imperialism an even harder blow!

1953 Elect good people to take good care of things

1953 Select the most satisfied candidate

1951 Welcome our representatives and hold congress of people's representatives

1953 Participate in the elections to build up a great motherland!

1953 We have both active and passive voting right

1954 Voting day

1953 Elect the ideal person seriously and carefully

1954 Rejoice to celebrate the constitutional announcement of the People’s Republic of China

1954 The Constitution is the result of the victory of our revolution, a guarantee of the building of a socialist society

1953 Going to vote

1951 People's vote

1954 All the rights of the People's Repuplic of China belong to the people

1954 Recieved a voter card

1953 Elect the most trustworthy persons our representatives

1953 Elect the most trustworthy persons our representatives

1951 People's Congress election. Pick up the ballot papers and view them carefully. Choose good people, do things seriously and enthusiastically

1953 Go take part in the elections! For our happiness, elect the people we trust the most' 1953

1954 First ballot

1953 In the family of all the friendly nationalities of our homeland, we all have the right to vote and to be elected.

1954 Chairman Mao leads us to implement a real democratic election system

1951 Denounce the reactionary crimes of the 'Jiu Gong Sect'

1951 Resolutely ban reactionary secret societies

1953 Free and independent marriage is good, there is great happiness in unified production

1953 Happy marriage

1950 Marriage registration

1953 The Bride's speech

1952 Xiuyun resolves life's challenges

1953 Model cadre who carried out the marriage law Liu Guangming

1950 Supporting the marriage law

1954 Women of the People's Republic of China enjoy equal rights with men in all aspects of political, economic, cultural, social and family life

1952 Women in new China

1954 Wedding dress

1954 A new household that is democratic, peaceful, and engages in united production

1953 In marriage, keep an eye on your own interests, and return radiant after registration

1954 Arrange a wedding for yourself

1950 No longer arranged marriages

1953 arrange your own affairs

1954 Daddy, Mummy See you tonight

1954 Dad goes to work and we go to school

1951 Women participate in labor

1953 Woman with horse

1954 A new female teacher

1953 Childbride stands up and serves as villagehead

1954 The young married woman buys a cotton print in the street

1954 Jin Zhaofang a glorious production model

1953 The first female engine driver Tian Guiying

1953 The party's good girl Zhao Guilan

1953 Female lathe expert Qi Guizhi

The first female tractor driver Liang Jun

1953 combat hero Guo Junqing

1953 school teacher Shi Ruifen

1953 Female combat hero Tu Xun

1953 Hao Jianxiu, scientific working

1953 Cultural undertakings.

The great accomplishments of three years People's Republic of China. The text reads: News publication: In 1951, 69,600,000 volumes of new and reprinted books were published, an increase of 147% compared with 1950. In 1952, more than 88 million volumes will be realized. Nationwide, 776 types of newspapers are published, with an average print run of 8 million sheets. Nationwide, there are 3500 radio broadcasting relay stations, and 2000 cable relay stations. Movies: In 1951, more than 259 million people in the whole country went to the movies, and in the first half of this year, the number has already reached more than 213 million people (including cinema goers and those serviced by movie projection teams), an increase of 181% compared with the same period last year. The number of libraries, clubs and cultural centres also has greatly increased. Landsberger

1954 Shanghai Anti-Tuberculosis Association

The first Five-Year Plan stated that as industrial production developed, factories would have labor insurance and labor protection, government employees would have free medical care, and health facilities would be strengthened to protect people’s health in cities and the countryside

1954 Shanghai Anti-Tuberculosis Association

Protect people's health according to the four principles: serve the workers, peasants, and soldiers; prevention first; unite new and old medicines [Western and Chinese]; and combine health work with mass movements.

1950 The Horror of Tubercle Bacilli and the Power of BCG Vaccines.

The phlegm of the TB patient is like a gun that kills people, and BCG vaccines are like the sun that protects people’s health.

1952 Emotional Development: Parents’ Love

Don’t overindulge your children with love, but don’t hesitate to love them either. Without love, they tend to become short-tempered; punishment and scoldings are not education. With adequate love and care, a child will have a healthy body and mind, just as the rain and sun are vital for a plant to grow and blossom.

1952 Compassion and Love

Only in a mother’s embrace can a baby gain the most precious sense of security. Encourage children to love animals and to show them compassion, that will in turn cultivate their emotions.

1952 Nurturing Imagination

Children have boundless imagination, and they sometimes make up stories. A three-year-old child may say, “I have a big airplane at home,” but does that constitute as a lie? That was not his intention. Drawing can help him express his imagination. Building blocks are constructive in helping him materialize his fantasies.

1952 Courage and Fear

No yelling and crying at every cut or bruise, teach them to be courageous from a tender age. Don’t encourage the fear of climbing to high places or walking on narrow planks, don’t allow them to cringe at effort and labor, don’t let them fear the dark.

1952 Jealousy and Fairness

When mum carries the younger brother, the elder brother throws a tantrum, demanding attention and favoritism. Dad dotes on his son and daughter equally, never favoring one over the other. If one slices the watermelon, make sure it is sliced equally. After that, put the other in-charge of distributing the slices. That makes things fair for all, and prevents the cultivation of jealousy.

1952 Curiosity is Not Destruction

Sometimes children don’t mean to destroy things, they’re just curious to know how something looks like when it’s torn or broken. What’s the best way to show them? Give them a substitute object, let them satisfy their curiosity.

1952 Questions About Birth

“Mama, where did little brother come from?” “Mama, where did I come from?” These questions provide the best opportunity for sex education. Don’t make up stories and lie to your children. Instead, use kittens, puppies or baby chicks as examples to explain the facts about reproduction.

1952 Questions About Death

Children may be afraid of dead people, they may also ask you about death. You can lay out the facts in a context they are capable of understanding. For example, plants will wilt, and birds will die too. Death is what ceases living.

1950 I spend all my free time in the open air

1952 Combat training, sport and entertainment

1954 Come, walk together

1951 People's leaders of all countries

First row Joseph Stalin (Russia) Mao Zedong (China) Second row Maurice Thorez (France) Palmiro Togliatti (Italy) Kim Il Sung (North-Korea) Bolesaw Bierut (Poland) Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) Third row Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej (Romania) Valko Velev Chervenkov (Bulgaria) Klement Gottwald (Czechoslovakia) Mátyás Rákosi (Hungary) Friedrich Wilhelm Reinhold Pieck (Germany) Fourth row William Edward Foster (America) Kyuichi Tokuda (Japan) Enver Hoxha (Albania) Khorloogiin Choibalsan (Mongolia) Fifth row Isidora Dolores Ibárruri Gómez (Spain) Harry Pollitt (England)

*many posters are from IISH / Stefan R. Landsberger / Private Collection /