Chapter 3 of the Common Program

On August 1, 1927, the army of the Communist Party is founded. It is called “Red Army of Workers and Peasants of the Chinese Communist Party” and is formed to fight against the government of the GMD. The army recruited his soldiers from peasants and laborers,however
"… very few people were politically “pure” in the sense of having perfect class background (poor peasants, worker etc.) and an unblemished record of meritorious, selfless service to the cause. This was true of the CCP110 and the PLA, which could not afford to be extremely selective in its recruitment by excluding everyone who did not have poor peasant or proletarian background, especially during the civil war when entire Nationalist units switched sides. As a result, the PLA that emerged from the civil war in 1949 was a hodgepodge of individuals with a variety of class and social backgrounds, and so were its veterans."
Diamant Neil J. (2006). The Stubborn Myth of `Rising Patriotism' in Modern China. Page 23

Article 20 

Reorganization of the PLA after 1949 and its recruitment.

Article 21 

The political work inside the army.

Article 22 

Modernization of the army.

Article 23 

The changing role of the militia after 1949.

Article 24  

Economic role of the PLA.

Article 25  

Improvement of lives of dependents killed or wounded soldiers.

Build up a powerful defense to protect our motherland


Diamant Neil J. (2006). The Stubborn Myth of `Rising Patriotism' in Modern China. Page 23 Back

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