Article 40 of the Common Program
Article 40 of the Common Program

Public finance: A budget and financial statement system shall be instituted. The spheres of financial administration of central and local governments shall be defined. Economizing and frugality shall be enforced. The budget shall be steadily balanced and capital accumulated for the country's production.
The tax policy of the state shall be based on the principle of ensuring supplies for the revolutionary war and taking into account the rehabilitation and development of production and the requirements of national construction. The tax system shall be simplified and equitable distribution of burden effected.


Fig. 40.1: Tax Revenue 1950-1954

Source: Ecklund George Norman (1961). Page 10
In million current Yuan
Fig. 40.2: Tax Revenue 1950-1954 in %

Source: Kraus Willy (1982). Page 82
See article 37 04-06-1949 Liu Shaoqi "New China's fiscal and economic policies"
04-06-1949 Liu Shaoqi "Report on fiscal and economic policy issues"
15-06-1950 Chen Yun "The current situation and measures for readjusting industry, commerce and taxation"

24-11-1949: 1st National Tax Conference

zie ook 6 juni 1950 chen yun