Article 32 of the Common Program
Article 32 of the Common Program

The system of worker's participation in the administration of production shall, for the present period, be established in state-owned enterprises. This means that factory administrative committees shall be set up under the leadership of the factory managers.
In privately-owned enterprises, in order to carry out the principle of benefitting both labour and capital, collective contracts shall be signed by the trade union, representing the workers and employees, and the employer.
For the present period, an eight to ten-hour day should in general be enforced in publicly and privately operated enterprises, but under special circumstances this matter may be dealt with at discretion. The people's governments shall fix minimum wages according to the conditions prevailing in various localities and trades.
Labour insurance shall be gradually established. The special interests of juvenile and women workers shall be safeguarded.
Inspection of industries and mines shall be carried out in order to improve their safety devices and sanitary facilities.

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