Chapter 2 of the Common Program

This chapter deals with the organs of state power.
Article 12

The state power belongs to the people and that they are represented by people’s congresses and people’s government’s at all administrative levels.

Article 13

Limits the power of the CPPCC till the election of the national people’s congress. After these election the CPPCC will become an advisory body.

Article 14

Regulates the role of the PLA in the newly liberated areas of China and it stipulates the conditions for the elections.

Article 15

The organs of state power will practice democratic centralism.

Article 16

Balance between national unity and local expediency.

Article 17

All GMD laws will be abolished.

Article 18

The working style of the cadres.

Article 19

People’s supervisory organs will be set up to control regional and national administrations.

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